40% Ultra-High $USDC Dividend Reward

Fuse Dividend Token

The fused.cash, $FUSED token, is an ultra-high dividend paying digital asset, on the $FUSE blockchain. By simply holding a minimum of one (1) $FUSED token in their wallets, participants earn a passive, real-time $USDC dividend reward.


100,000,000,000,000 Fixed Supply

Dividend Reward

Burn Tax

40% Automatic $USDC Dividend

When participants buy and sell $FUSED, 20% of the transaction amount is distributed to token holders for a combined, turbo-charged 40% total $USDC dividend reward, directly to their wallets.

5% Liquidity Allocation

In addition to the dividend reward, each transaction returns 5% of the amount to the $FUSED contract, locking in permanent liquidity.

5% Burn

And finally, to further incentivize growth, 5% of transactions are burned to keep up with inflation.